Marjorie Doyle

Marjorie Doyle is an award-winning essayist and author of Reels, Rock and Rosaries: Confessions of a Newfoundland Musician. 
She has been a columnist with the Globe and Mail and the St. John’s Evening Telegram. Her publication credits include Descant, Geist, Queen’s Quarterly, The Fiddlehead, Antigonish Review, Ottawa Citizen, This Magazine, National Post, and The Independent. As a broadcaster, she hosted the national CBC Radio program That Time of the Night, and was heard frequently on Stereo Morning, The Arts Tonight, Gabereau and Morningside. She co-hosted the award-winning Doyle Bulletin with her brother John. She has lived in Canada, the U.S., Switzerland and Spain, and now makes her home in her native St. John’s.

JackCycle-Marjorie Doyle from jack cycle on Vimeo.