Anita Best

Anita Best  was born on the island of Merasheen in Placentia Bay on Newfoundland’s south coast the year before Newfoundland joined Canada. When she was a child, television had not yet taken over as the primary source of entertainment for homes on the island, and singing, dancing and storytelling were the main forms of recreation.  When nights grew longer after the fishing season was over, people would gather in each others homes and keep heart in one another with tunes, songs and stories. Anita performs the traditional songs and stories from her childhood, as well as ones she learned later from people in Bonavista Bay, Cape St. Georges and the communities around Gros Morne National Park. Anita has received several honours for her work in collecting and disseminating Newfoundland folksongs, including the Marius Barbeau award from the Folklore Studies Association of Canada, an Honourary Degree from Memorial University, and the Order of Canada. She currently works with the Community-University Research for Recovery (CURRA) project in Gros Morne National Park.

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